Lavanya Arora

Lavanya Arora

Web Developer

I am a

Hello! I am a 21 year old Web Designer/Developer from New Delhi, India.

What Do I

Responsive Web Deisgn
I love to create websites. Not just websites, but websites that are beautiful, responsive and highly functional while being minimal.
UI / UX Creation
I work with clients to understand what UI / UX style they want in their Apps. I pursue their ideology to the fullest while working on their project so they can see their dream live.
App / Web-App Development
Apps are the leading the way in Mobile & PC Development in 2019. They are one of the most common ways of accessing the internet and its programs. I work with clients to build their perfect App.

My Passion

I am very passionate about responsive and minimalist Web-Design. Clean UI/UX fascinates me. Simple one-page Web-Apps that can do as much as big sized softwares are one of the most fascinating things to me.

My Goals

My goals are to develop and design responsive and flexible websites for myself and my clients. One of my biggest goal is to fully learn building interactive Web-Apps using Node.JS to do much more than I am doing.

My Education

As a kid my family traveled a lot, I have done my schooling in 3 different countries.  Doing so allowed me to learn more than my school course, that is culture. I am currently pursuing my College in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Junior School to Middle School (I – VI)

Middle School to High School (VI – IX)

Bachelors of Science (Bsc Hons) in Software Engineering 

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Since last 6 months, I have been expanding my skillset to become a Full-Stack Web Developer. Here is the current progress: 





Apart from the languages above, I am experienced in softwares such as Photoshop, Premier Pro, InDesign, After Effects, Illustrator and many more.

I will keep updating this page as I continue to learn more.  

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